Jinhee Kim is a graphic and type designer who is into the (deliberate) unstructured parts in refined creative works and materials. Her design practice is to look into the way of reflecting the meaning of a subject with a visual language, particularly a typographic approach. And it draws the concept that delivers the inherent tendencies of a person or product.

She had gained valuable experience working with Thonik and Fabrique in the Netherlands and received her master’s degree in type design from ECAL (2020) and BA from Hankyong National University (2012).

Open to collaborations and inquiries. CV and portfolio available upon request.



Visual Concept

Language: English, Korean
353 x 500 mm

Exhibited at Doosung Paper for “Super Surfaces“ an exhibition 2020
A Series of Digital Prints

Crystal Palace explores the connectivity between past, present, and (virtual) future based on the typeface, Carlton, referring to background and impression of it.

In appearance, the typeface has elegant and characteristic structural elements with the Crystal Palace, a symbol of steel constructions. And through my research, I learned that the typographer, Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke, who designed the original typeface, Ehmcke-Antiqua, focused on the essential character of the typeface, which was grounded in experience rather than in theory. Even though, at that time, it was assessed a harsh criticism at the dissonant legibility of the typeface.

I think that there is an epistemic overlap between Ehmcke's perspective and the paradoxical illustration of the Crystal Palace in two novels, Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Bleak House by Charles Dickens. Intellectual attempts at dictating human behaviour by logic which the Underground Man mentions in terms of a simple math problem two times two makes four. He described that despite humanity's attempt to create the "Crystal Palace," a reference to a famous symbol of utopianism, one cannot avoid the simple fact that anyone, at any time, can decide to act in a way that might not be considered to be in self-interest; some will do so simply to validate their existence and to protest and confirm that they exist as individuals. These artworks are sort of snapshots while looking around the embodied modelling of the Crystal Palace. And some passages from the novels would be narrated.