Jinhee Kim is a graphic and type designer who is into the (deliberate) unstructured parts in refined creative works and materials. Her design practice is to look into the way of reflecting the meaning of a subject with a visual language, particularly a typographic approach. And it draws the concept that delivers the inherent tendencies of a person or product.

She had gained valuable experience working with Thonik and Fabrique in the Netherlands and received her master’s degree in type design from ECAL (2020) and BA from Hankyong National University (2012).

Open to collaborations and inquiries. CV and portfolio available upon request.


Jheronimus Academy of Data Science / JADS

Identities, 2016

Language: English, Dutch
The Graphic Guideline (Logotype,
Color System, Typography etc.)
Custom Typeface and Visual Concept

Designed a graphic motif and a visual concept for JADS identity. The concept is data transformation (influence logic). Data and logic are objective, flexible and adaptable depend on the condition.

From every perspective arise new combinations, relationships, and connections. So it creates relevant insights and the different view of the logo. By layering and movement (eg mobile) create an organic picture which is composed of 'technical' typography.

We also make a color palette that is generated from the paintings of Hieronymus. The typography is so iconic as a style element can be used by any means. Perhaps, this is so strong that we do not need JADS logo directly to communicate. All images are that I worked with a design team at Fabrique.

Photographs are from the website of JADS