Jinhee Kim is a graphic and type designer who is into the (deliberate) unstructured parts in refined creative works and materials. Her design practice is to look into the way of reflecting the meaning of a subject with a visual language, particularly a typographic approach. And it draws the concept that delivers the inherent tendencies of a person or product.

She had gained valuable experience working with Thonik and Fabrique in the Netherlands and received her master’s degree in type design from ECAL (2020) and BA from Hankyong National University (2012).

Open to collaborations and inquiries. CV and portfolio available upon request.



Typeface and Booklet

The Specimen: 152 x 215 mm, 24 pages
A book for lylics: 105 x 150 mm, 40 pages

Language: English
Perlen Regular, Display

The concept of Perlen is to represent the thoughtful attitude en- joying to see the details in ordinary things and to find the special parts from them and even in daily life. It is inspired by the lots of delicate flowers making the harmonies each other on the field rather than the gorgeous flowers on the flower shop.

It delivers the humble, warm-hearted and comfortable feeling and I found these aspects in other fields and people of art and culture and reflects them myself as a young designer. It mostly served as a key reference for Frederic Goudy’s hugely successful ‘Goudy Old Style’ (1915).

Continuously adapting and refining the design and I extended the display to a succinct selection of serif to give more contrast so that it gives the airiness impression in use.