Jinhee Kim is a graphic and type designer who is into the (deliberate) unstructured parts in refined creative works and materials. Her design practice is to look into the way of reflecting the meaning of a subject with a visual language, particularly a typographic approach. And it draws the concept that delivers the inherent tendencies of a person or product.

She had gained valuable experience working with Thonik and Fabrique in the Netherlands and received her master’s degree in type design from ECAL (2020) and BA from Hankyong National University (2012).

Open to collaborations and inquiries. CV and portfolio available upon request.



Booklet and Poster

Language: French, English
150 x 210 mm
16 pages
Unal (Serif, Italic, Sans, Sans Italic/ work in progress)

Unal is to transpose the physical presence and distinctive character of organic forms and calligraphy influenced typeface. In the text typefaces, I carefully considered to build own narrative by the characteristic serif and the contrast into junction as well as to create a harmonious, organic flow in the text.